This is my repository of the stuff I've made for The Sims over the years. I don't play quite so much anymore and I develop even less, but sometimes I still get the itch to make something or other. If I do, and it turns out okay, I usually post it here.

Of course I can't guarantee that these downloads will work in your game, but they've worked perfectly all the times that I've used them and none of my old Sims-playing friends have reported any problems.



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I own none of the copyrighted elements mentioned here, including The Lord of the Rings, Sonic the Hedgehog, Invader Zim, Portal, Twilight, etc. etc.
I have no affiliation with Maxis or EA. This content is offered freely as per their terms, no profit is being made whatsoever. Anything made available here which was a collaborative work with another developer is posted with that person's permission.