Personal I often work as a part of the Mommatown development team.
Creatures Caves A fan community for the Creatures game series. Includes a friendly and active forum and downloads for the entire game series.
ModTheSims The primary fan community for the Sims game series.
Simlogical A Sims fansite featuring many extremely useful hacked items.
Ophelia's Sims A classic fan site for the original The Sims game, with excellent downloads, many of them with a Gothic theme.
Goldenwolfen Christy Grandjean is a wildlife and fantasy artist best known for her wolves and werewolves.
Beast of Oblivion Allison Theus is an extremely talented artist who draws strange creatures.
Kyoht H. Kyoht Luterman is another werewolf artist who also draws excellent dinosaurs.
Abiogenisis Alex draws aliens, with an eye for making plausible creatures that are more sophisticated than just recolors of familiar Earth species.
Skeletal Drawing Scott Hartman is a paleoartist who is well-known for his highly accurate skeletal reconstructions.
The Utahraptor Project A crowdfunded effort to excavate and study Utahraptor remains locked in a 9 ton block of sandstone.
The Theropod Database A detailed list of saurischian dinosaurs with a focus on theropods. Contains technical information and includes some species that do not currently have names.
Fossilworks A database of occurrence records for fossil organisms. Great if you're looking for detailed, referenced information on what lived in a certain region or formation, and need something that isn't dinosaur-centric.