This is a page for anything I am selling plus miscellaneous freebies I am giving out to anyone who would like them.

Online stuff

Egyptian Hieroglyph Generator A simple tool where you input text and out comes hieroglyphs. This differs from other "hieroglyph generators" on the web because it is not a 26 character letter-for-letter substitution: it uses all 1000+ hieroglyphs that have been made available for Unicode, and relies on Gardiner's letter classification to tie them to the English alphabet. So you type in something like "S29.N14.D58.G1.N14.N5.Z2A" and out comes 𓋴𓇼𓃀𓄿𓇼𓇳𓏦. The hieroglyphs can be adjusted to the size of your choosing. It also generates HTML code which you can copy-paste to display your hieroglyphs anywhere you want.

For-sale stuff

Who knew a Lich would have good advice on friendship? But the Lich is just so popular—he has tons of friends! This mug is a collaboration and features my own artwork.
Get it here!

Free stuff

A small sheet of dinosaur-related cards, designed to be printed at 4x6 inches. Includes four specimen labels for a "Velociraptor claw", "Velociraptor eggs", "Velociraptor resonating chamber" and "Tyrannosaurus tooth". The "Saurischia" and "Ornithischia" tags were designed to be used as filing cards for IKEA's REJSA bins (or any similar filing bins). The Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops silhouettes are based on skeletal drawings by Gregory Paul and Scott Hartman respectively.

There is also a second version for which the specimen labels are blank so that you can fill them out yourself.