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This site is my personal home page, where I host all of my digital creations.


 Oct 28, 2021
A new page has been added to the Fiction section: the Land Before Time Species List. This is an exhaustive list of every single species that appears in the first The Land Before Time movie. It includes an index that lists each species based on the timestamp when it appears, suggestions as to possible identities for most of the lesser known animals, and some other miscellaneous information I thought was interesting. Maybe some day I'll get around to reviewing the sequels...

 May 27, 2021
The hieroglyph generator has now been updated. Aside from a few small fixes to make it run more smoothly, it now includes an interactive index of signs separated by category, and the generated results now update automatically as you type.

 May 25, 2021
An online Egyptian hieroglyph generator is now available via the Goodies page. If you've ever wanted to display Egyptian hieroglyphs on a web page, this will do most of the legwork for you.

 Mar 31, 2021
A free downloadable file with dinosaur themed-filing cards and specimen tags has been added to the Goodies page.

 Mar 30, 2021
A new fanfic has been added to the fiction section: Reanimorphs is a semi-AU rewrite of the first Animorphs book told from a different character's POV. At nearly 22K words it's much larger than anything I've published here in the past, and I hope that it can be the first of several stories in the same series.

 Mar 8, 2021
The layout for the fiction section has been updated. I've also added a new original short story to the fiction section, "Our Mall Is Haunted".

 Feb 12, 2021
The main menu has been redesigned and several pages have been updated. The Games section now replaces the old Mods section and will be home to any original games I create in addition to mods. There is also a new Goodies section which replaces the old Store link and may list items for sale as well as any freebies I can offer. I currently have a mug for sale.

 Jan 27, 2021
A list of worldbuilding projects has now been added to the Fiction section, and two have been made live already: the Martian project and the Jawaljamai project. The gallery has also been redesigned and updated with more recent artwork.

 Nov 3, 2019
The old Flash intro has been removed and the site now has a brand new header. This update was a long time coming!