I try to be recolor-friendly, which means that in general, I don't mind people recoloring my stuff. Some of my objects, like the curtains, are practically begging for someone to make additional colors of them. So if you feel the urge to recolor something, normally I would say go for it!

The exception is that if something of mine is a recolor or clone of an object that somebody else made, their policy applies, not mine. It could be that their policy allows anyone to recolor, but there are some cases where I may have asked special permission, or the object might have been a collaboration between me and somebody else.

Lord of the Rings inspired banners

Here are three banners based on the one at Marina's Sims (pictured far right, not included). From left to right: the banner of the Rohan kings, another Rohan banner, and the banner of the orcs of Isengard.
Lord of the Rings flags

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A variety of flag poles based on the one at Marina's Sims (pictured far right, not included). From left to right: Arwen's flag, Lothlorien flag, Gondor flag, Rohan flag, Eomer's flag, Rohirrim flag, and an Easterling flag, just because. :P
Sculpture base

Cloned from a cheap night stand, this object's sprites are based on one of the Superstar sculptures. Place any object on it and voila, you have an instant work of art worthy of any park or museum. Leave it unoccupied and your Sims will use it just like any other surface. Feel like exhibiting your dirty dishes for the world to see? Go for it.
Weighted Companion Cube

Now your Sims can have their very own Weighted Companion Cube! Recently rescued from Aperture Science Labs, these perfectly good cubes once faced the prospect of incineration. They are now looking for a loving permanent home with Sims who will take good care of them. A Weighted Companion Cube will never stab your Sims in the back and, in fact, cannot speak. We think. It is the perfect companion, and will comfort even the loneliest Sims.

Weighted Companion Cubes are somewhat claustrophobic... so please don't put them near wall corners, or they will bleed. They will happily sit next to your sofa, however, and hold up your lamp or other items.

The Weighted Companion Cube comes from the game Portal, and is (c) Valve Corporation; full credits are in the object's description. Many thanks to Raeven from the Secret Sociery of Woobsha for all her help in making it work!

Made specifically to go with the French-style windows that came with Unleashed, so it may look weird on other, differently-shaped windows. Feel free to recolor!
Based on Simlogical's neat opening/closing curtains, so yeah... they open and close.
Chevelle SS

A decorative car for your Sims' driveway. Base from The Secret Society of Woobsha. Original sprites by whatdidwemiss.
Round corners for Persimmon Grove's brick paths

It sort of surprised me that Persimmon Grove's brick path set didn't come with any rounded corners. So I made some. Pictured here with her own normal paths for comparison.
Persimmon Grove brick paths in white

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White recolors of my round corner and the rest of the plain brick path set from Persimmon Grove. For the straight path, I only cloned the one-tiled version, not the version that was two tiles, but the one-tiled version costs $8 instead of $16, so it all evens out.
Y'ha-nthlei decoration pack

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Decorate a lot as an underwater scene, or build an aquarium for your Deep Sims or oceanographers. Comes with ten pieces: a groundcover Sims can walk on, two large stone ruins, Cthulhu and Dagon statues, tall seaweed, sand dollars, sea urchins, starfish and turritella seashells.
Reichtenstein castle gable

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Matches the Reichtenstein castle wallpaper.
Authentic castle gable

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Matches the authentic castle wallpaper.
Dracula's castle gable

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Matches that pretty dark stone wall set. It also comes with its own matching roof tile.
Dracula gable for 3rd floor

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A special set of gables for the second story, made to match my normal Dracula gable. Instead of consisting of four pieces for one half of a gable, this is a set of four-tile "slices" with interesting features like a window, a chimney, or missing shingles. Appears under Miscellaneous.
I own none of the copyrighted elements mentioned here, including The Lord of the Rings, Sonic the Hedgehog, Invader Zim, Portal, Twilight, etc. etc.
I have no affiliation with Maxis or EA. This content is offered freely as per their terms, no profit is being made whatsoever. Anything made available here which was a collaborative work with another developer is posted with that person's permission.