For questions that, maybe nobody has asked me yet, but are frequently asked of Sims sites and downloads in general.

Can I recolor _____?
You can recolor any Sims download made by myself. In cases where the object was made by someone else, then you would naturally want that person's permission, not mine. My only condition for recoloring my objects is that, if you upload your creation somewhere, it stays on free sites. Don't make something based on a creation of mine and then upload it to a pay site*.

Can I post pictures of my game that have ____ in them?
I don't know why some people even take issue with this in the first place. If you want to show people screenshots of your game, and something of mine happens to be in it, go for it. I don't mind. You can even show people screenshots of your game specifically because you want them to see that you have something of mine in it. ;) Actually, I really enjoy seeing people show how they're using my stuff. I think it's cool to see that people are enjoying the things I've made, and it encourages me to keep modding.

Can I share _____ via e-mail?
You can share anything of mine with other people via e-mail.

Can I upload _____ on my site?
You can upload a couple of my Sims 1 items if you have favorites you want to share, although I would really appreciate a link back to my site, and I do ask that nothing of mine is posted on any pay site*. Please don't just dump a bunch of my stuff on your own web site, though. As long as my site is up, I'd prefer it if most of the content stays here. Among other reasons, it makes updating things a lot simpler... if I notice something is buggy or sprites need to be updated or anything else. Should this site ever go down, then by all means, archive it all.

Can I include _____ with my house/sim?
If you made a house or family that people can download and they will need some of my objects/skins/etc. to make it show up right, feel free to include those files in the download. I know what a pain it can be to have to go hunting for furnishings on a bunch of different sites. And if we're talking about custom meshes I have made, like the Deep Ones mesh or any other, then yeah. Go right ahead.

*By "pay site" I mean any site where money is exchanged for downloads, including sites that have subscriptions, where you buy points in exchange for premium objects, or where certain items are reserved as donators' "gifts". Even if you would offer the object/skin in question for free.

Can I get in touch with you somehow?
Your best bet is to look for me on DeviantArt or in the Creatures Community, where I go by the screen name Ghosthande. I'm not really active in the TS1 community anymore and mostly just lurk in the TS2 community.

Where do I put Sims 1 files?

Objects end in the .iff extension. They can go in the Maxis / The Sims / Game Data / Objects folder.
Or, if you prefer, you can put them in the Maxis / The Sims / Downloads folder instead. The advantage is that you can have sub-folders in the Downloads folder; so you can have a sub-folder for each Sims site you download objects from, or you can have a sub-folder for each batch of objects you introduce into your game. It makes sorting stuff a lot easier.

Walls end in the .wll extension. They go in the Maxis / The Sims / Game Data / Walls folder.

Floors end in the .flr extension. They go in the Maxis / The Sims / Game Data / Floors folder.

Roofs end in the .bmp extension. They go in the Maxis / The Sims / Game Data / Roofs folder.

Skin sets generally come with three types of files: normally there will be a bunch of .bmp files, and one or more .cmx and .skn files. There may also be one or two readme.txt files inside, especially if I used a mesh that was created by somebody else. It's nice if you read the readme, sometimes there are special notes in there, but you don't necessarily have to keep it. The .bmp's, .cmx's and .skn's all go in the Maxis / The Sims / Game Data / Skins folder.

If a window appears asking if you want to replace an existing .cmx or .skn file, say no. This probably means that you already have those files on your computer.

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