I work as part of a team at Mommatown.net
My DeviantART: weatherfac.deviantart.com

Here are some other web sites I find interesting or useful, as well as the people who supplied some of the lovely stock art used for the title:

Creatures Links:
Breeders Beware
Creatures Caves
The Creatures Wiki

The Sims 1 & 2 Links:
My Sims 1 Repository
7 Deadly Sims (TS1)
Living In Sim (TS1)
ModTheSims (TS2)
Ophelia's Sims (TS1)
Parsimonious (TS1/TS2)
Simblesse Oblige (TS1)
Simlogical (TS1/TS2)

Web Design Links:
Dynamic Drive
HTML for beginners
Lissa Explains it All
PHP Junkyard

Credit Links:
Many thanks to Psionic and Freesound.org for the sound effects used in the Flash intro.
The background trees are based on a stock brush by deathoflight.
The lamp post is based on stock by JinxMim.
The moon is based on stock by wachowicz, SeibarStock and i0nicgen.