Welcome to Ghostfishe.net

This site is my personal home page, where I host all of my digital creations.


 Feb 12, 2021
The main menu has been redesigned and several pages have been updated. The Games section now replaces the old Mods section and will be home to any original games I create in addition to mods. There is also a new Goodies section which replaces the old Store link and may list items for sale as well as any freebies I can offer. I currently have a mug for sale.

 Jan 27, 2021
A list of worldbuilding projects has now been added to the Fiction section, and two have been made live already: the Martian project and the Jawaljamai project. The gallery has also been redesigned and updated with more recent artwork.

 Nov 3, 2019
The old Flash intro has been removed and the site now has a brand new header. This update was a long time coming!